Frequently Asked Questions

Getting Started

You register right here on this site.

Your credentials will then work in all FarSnap applications.

When you open the FarSnap application on the computer you are connecting from, you will see a list of available computers that also have the program installed. If the computer on the list is colored white then you can connect, if it is colored gray then it means it is offline or does not have access to the Internet.

For the program to work properly, you need to install FarSnap on at least two computers - the "FROM" computer that you are connecting to and the "TO" computer that you are connecting to. The option of which program to install ("FROM" or "TO") is chosen during installation. After installation you should log in to both programs using your account registered on the website. Only then on the list you will see the computer to which you can connect.

Once installed, depending on the option you choose, the program may hide in the lower right corner on the bar near the clock. Double pressing on the program icon will show the program window on the desktop.

Farsnap allows you to remember your password until you connect to another computer. When you connect to another computer, the password is forgotten in exchange for a new one. This makes it necessary to enter the password each time you connect if you connect to several computers alternately.

When you install FarSnap and log on to it, any computer you want to connect to is added to the list of computers. After uninstallation, the program is removed from the computer, but the entry in the list of computers will remain undeleted. To remove a computer from the list, select the advanced button on the list, then select the computer you want to remove and click on the trash icon. The selected computer will be removed from the list.

Yes, it is possible, but not at the same time. It is only required to log in with the next user after logging out the previous one. Remember that only one FarSnap program can be running at a time on the computer you are connecting from.

Yes, it is possible to log in multiple FarSnap accounts on the target computer.

Yes, there is such possibility. In the window where you can see the list of computers you should select the computer whose name you want to change and then press the pencil icon. You will see a window with the current computer name, which you can freely change to suit your needs.

FarSnap allows you to simultaneously connect from one computer to another on a single account. If you want to connect to several computers you have to do it sequentially disconnecting the previously connected computer.

No, the data is encrypted and nobody can access it.

Yes. Before connecting to the other computer, on the computer from which you are connecting, you must go into the FarSnap settings and choose "RDP options" and then enable "Map local drive C remotely" or "Use remote printer". If you are already connected, disconnect, enable the options described above and connect again.

Subscription, Payments and Invoices

You can either subscribe to FarSnap here in the portal, or you can buy a FarSnap Coupon Code.

Invoices are created within 3 working days and send by email.

FarSnap Premium is available as a subscription on this site. Additionally, promotional coupons are available at select stores and electronically on various portals.


FarSnap is used to remotely connect from one computer to others computers. This allows you to work remotely on a computer that is in another part of town, in another city, or in another country.

The program can work in two modes: as a client, which is the one from which you connect, and as a server, which is the one to which you connect. To work properly the program must be installed on two computers. On the first one as the computer from which you are connecting, and on the second one as the computer to which you are connecting. Please note that on both computers after installation you must log on using your FarSnap account.

The program works correctly on Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10 regardless of their edition (Home, Premium, Basic, Professional, Enterprise, Education, Ultimate). It is recommended that your system is updated to the latest version currently available in Windows Update.

FarSnap can be installed on any number of computers. Please note that you can only make one connection between two selected computers at a time per account. Once you disconnect, you can instantly connect to another computer.

To get both options you have to install the program twice on the same computer, choosing the "TO" and "FROM" options. The order of installation does not matter.