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FarSnap Terms and Conditions of Use

Effective as of 2021-06-03

Welcome to the FarSnap Terms and Conditions of Use (called Terms). Please read these Terms, our Privacy Policy and End User License Agreement (called EULA) carefully. Your access to and use of FarSnap is conditioned on your acceptance of and compliance with these Terms. These Terms apply to all visitors, users and others who access or use the FarSnap.

FarSnap is owned by FarSnap Sp. z o.o. (hereafter referred as "The Company"). The Company is registered in Poland, 05-822 Milanówek, 58 Kościuszki Street, registration no: 385843705, EU VATNo PL5291830417.


Thanks for choosing FarSnap (called FarSnap, ‘we/us/our’). FarSnap provides service that may be developed from time to time. By signing up you are entering into a binding agreement with FarSnap Sp. z o.o. To use the FarSnap service, you need to be 18 years or older, or be 14 years or older and have your parent or guardian's permission.

By registering at FarSnap.com and using offered services, you become a user (called User). One person is allowed to set up only one User account for FarSnap service. The Company reserves the right to verify users and they way they use FarSnap service. If User does not compliance to the Terms, The Company has a right to block access to service or remove the User.

Important notice

FarSnap wants to provide the 'Free' service to as many people (users) as possible under the following condition:

One physical person is only allowed to use a single FarSnap account with the 'Free' option enabled at a time.

The use of multiple accounts with the 'Free' option enabled, by a single person, is treated as a disruption of the service (using up resources that are provided for the benefit of others) and may result in termination, filtering or blocking, even without previous notice.

Changes to the Terms

Occasionally we may make changes to the Terms. We will provide the notice by displaying at our website Farsnap.com a prominent notice that every user should read the updated version. Please make sure you read any such notice carefully. The latest Terms is always the one that is binding and valid. The Company is responsible to keep a log of revisions inside this document to make it easier for User to keep up to date with recent changes.

If you do not wish to continue using the FarSnap under this or any future version of Terms, you must terminate your account. If you want to completely remove your account, please contact us at admin@farsnap.com. If you received a trial, free version, you should stop using FarSnap and delete your account.

The Terms Revision Log

2021-06-03	1.1	Initial version

Service Options

You can find a different service options on our website and we explain which option is available when you create a FarSnap account.

The option ‘Free’ is a free of charge variant and gives you access to FarSnap for a limited about of hours on monthly basis. This option renews every month offering a new pool of hours.

The option ‘Premium’ is a paid service variant and gives you access to FarSnap for 30 days without time limits. This option is a subscription that renews every month. Each user can decide, when to stop/pause their subscription. The termination of the subscription does not mean that the user must immediately stop using FarSnap. The access to FarSnap always ends with the expiry of the previously paid 30-day period. The subscription will be effectively terminated after the end of the last paid 30-day subscription period.

The option ‘Enterprise’ is paid service variant and gives you access to FarSnap under individually defined conditions. This option is a subject of separate, personalized Terms under the agreement concluded between a user and FarSnap Sp. z o.o.

FarSnap may also offer special promotional access, memberships, or services. We reserve the right to modify, terminate or otherwise amend our offered subscription plans and promotional offerings at any time in accordance with these Terms.


The service option called ‘Free’ performs the function of Trial. Under this variant each user not only can use the service for a certain period free of charge, but also perform all installations and own tests to check FarSnap all the great features. The Company recommends to you use Trials, before subscribing to paid service options.

Trials may not be available to Users that already used a previous Trials. Trials is a free benefit, that Company can choose to provide, or not provide, at any period or to any User. FarSnap Trials are never subject to any compensation.

One physical person is only allowed to use a single FarSnap account with the 'Free' option enabled at a time. (see 'Important Notice' above.)

Detailed rules for using the Trials are described in EULA. Please take the time to read it carefully.


Paid service is available under subscriptions. The subscription model is available for 30-day periods and paid in advance by the User. The subscription will renew automatically at the end of each period, or until you chose to cancel it.

Payments for ‘Premium’ option can be executed only by credit/debit card. Payments for ‘Enterprise’ option can be executed by credit/debit card and bank transfer.

Security of payments by card transaction is governed by the payment gateway Stripe Payments Europe limited.

Cancellations and Termination

The User can cancel the subscription at any time during a prepaid 30-day period. The subscription will then run till the end of the 30-day period. After this the service will be turned off. The Company does not reimburse any fees for past or running periods.

Both: The Company and User have the right to terminate all agreements between them without specifying any reason. The termination period is 30 days or at the ending of the current subscription period, whichever comes first.

The Company reserves the right to terminate any agreement with the User and/or block the service immediately for the User if there are legal premises or User does not comply to Terms or EULA. Primary if there are circumstances like: suspicion that the User use FarSnap service for something illegal, User account is linked to attacks on FarSnap or other systems, the Company receives requests from official legal instances or DMCA to take down the account. Detailed rules for termination are described in EULA. Please take the time to read it carefully.


The only valid reason for compensation is when FarSnap stops working permanently for the User. Details are described in EULA in section "Downtime, Service Unavailability and Maintenance".

If the Company agrees to compensate the User according to this agreement, the compensation will be an amount proportional to the length of the service unavailability and cannot exceed the value of two 30-day periods, previously prepaid by User.

Warranty and Responsibilities

The Company does not accept any legal claims to range of services and possibilities that FarSnap service gives or does not give.

The Company is not responsible for anything the User may use FarSnap for or for any data the User transmits/gets through FarSnap.

The Company strongly discourages using FarSnap in any medical applications or occasions where people’s health or live may be at risk. If the User chooses to do so, User acknowledges that this is done completely on the Users own risk.

The Company does not provide any Warranties, implied or otherwise to the extent permitted by law.

Law and Legal disputes

All legal complaints and legal applications will be considered in the court competent for the registered office of the Company.

FarSnap EULA

The FarSnap EULA is available here: FarSnap EULA (English)